14 November 2012

Announcing Weekend Processing! 24 Hour Dry Cleaning

We’re proud to announce that DashLocker will be processing clothes on Saturday! This is an important step that will improve our turn around times and increase the convenience of our cleaning services. 

At the end of October we quietly started test driving the weekend cleaning process. The kinks have all been ironed out, and we can now safely announce to our customers that we will pick up and drop off laundry and dry cleaning seven days a week.

Since June, customers have repeatedly told us that they need a dry cleaner who is not only accessible 24 hours a day, but also dry cleans and launders within 24 hours. We knew that it wasn’t enough to be open all the time—we also had to start doing laundry every day of the week. Our new Saturday processing schedule is an important step towards achieving this goal.

In the past four months, DashLocker has grown by leaps and bounds. We now service hundreds of customers every month and process thousands of pounds of laundry. We knew it was time to take the leap.

Our operations team—made up of the sharpest needles in the tailoring box— anticipated our growth and created plans so that the transition to servicing Upper East Side customers on Saturdays went smoothly. They also began engaging in negotiations with our vendors to secure better turnaround times.

In June, customers who dropped off their clothes on Thursday night after our 10pm pick up had to wait until Monday for their clothes. A customer dropping off at this time was our worst fear—we know how terribly inconvenient it is to wait a full four days for receive clothes. Even customers who dropped off on Friday had to wait a considerable amount of time to pick up their clean clothes.

But no longer! Customers dropping off on Thursday after 10pm can expect clean clothes on Saturday, and customers dropping off on Friday will have a bundle of fresh laundry on Saturday, too.

We’d like to thank each and every one of our DashLocker customers who helped to make this possible. We truly appreciate your business and your patience!

Dry cleaning with DashLocker just got more convenient—so what are you waiting for? Drop off some clothes this Friday to give our new turnaround times a shot! 

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