11 November 2012

5 Dinner Spots on the Upper East Side

Don’t tell us—you had a long day at work. In fact, every day is a long day at work. If you’re not running around the subway system trying to make it to meetings, you’re getting out of the office past 7:00pm. The last thing you want to think about doing after work is making it to the dry cleaners!

Your trip to DashLocker can be as late and as leisurely as you would like—our store is always open, so you don’t have to rush to get there before the gates are drawn. In fact, why don’t you take your time after work and grab some dinner or a drink before picking up your laundry? Here’s our top five favorite Upper East Side places to relax!

This Upper East Side taco casa pairs bright colors with delicious eats. Head over on Fridays for the Baja Fish Tacos paired with the Pineapple Mezcal for some south of the border relaxation.

Throw tradition out the window and have the Super Hot Malted Waffles for dinner! Go all out and have a milkshake to top off your sugar rush. Ice cream plus waffles equals perfection, so don’t hold back! If you’re super hungry, get some Lord of the Fries and drip them in your milkshake like an old episode of Happy Days.

This place gets popping after 10pm, so if you want to snag a table make sure to arrive early. Get the Dirty Pickle Martini and the Penrose Burger for some straight up comfort food with a classy twist. For an appetizer, hit up the Oyster Sliders because fried oysters are delicious!

We’re all guilty of having ice cream for dinner… so join us in our glorious sugar high! Go for the healthiest possible combination of fruit and froyo or treat those extra-large cups like your own personal Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory by throwing in gummy worms, fudge and cookie dough. Either way, we can’t tell you how to make your froyo—that decision’s personal!

If you’re feeling fancy, visit Café D’Alsace for some modern French cuisine. Get the Duck Sausage pastry for an appetizer and the Pan Seared John Dory Grenobloise for dinner—you can thank us later!  

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