8 November 2012

The DashLocker Telemundo Shoot-- ¡Ay, caramba!

Telemundo visited DashLocker last month to shoot some very special footage that aired almost entirely en español! It was a VERY exciting day, and luckily I was there to record all the behind the scenes action on my iPhone.

I met Louis, the DashLocker employee who volunteered to do the segment, at our dry cleaning drop off location at e 81st and 2nd ave. Louis has been with DashLocker from day 1, and he knows almost everything there is to know about dropping off dry cleaning—plus he speaks amazing Spanish!

But talent doesn’t stop people from being camera shy, as I know from my brief stint as the mute actress in our “how to” videos (they’re coming soon!), and Louis was feeling the heat from those bright lights. Luckily Victoria, the Telemundo reporter, was there to ease our nerves. After interviewing Louis, she spoke to a customer about the DashLocker system while us “extras” hid out of the frame around the corner.

Then it was my turn to cook under the lights as the Telemundo crew took some shots of us placing bags into lockers. There I am filling up a locker with clothes! You can’t tell from the shot, but that bag was chock full of laundry.

Finally, the talented Telemundo team took advantage of the terrible weather and shot a very complicated scene: Victoria exiting the store, opening her umbrella, and walking down the street. Everything had to be timed perfectly and we had to make sure the camera man didn’t fall down while walking backwards out of the store. Louis guided the cameraman from behind while Victoria opened her umbrella and threw her DashLocker dry cleaning bag over her shoulder like a pro! 

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